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Updated for 2016

It’s 2016, when this article was originally written it was 2009. After coming back and reading it over I was shocked at how many issues are STILL relevant today, 7 years later!! There are still so many Orlando vacation home management companies that don’t understand marketing.

Orlando Vacation Home ManagementBeing a tech geek myself I prefer to work with other businesses who are tech savvy as well. I like to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and become a Fan of their Facebook page (hint hint-feel free to fan our Facebook page for awesome updates) to stay updated with what they are doing.  Unfortunately, it seems to be hard to find any Orlando short term rental management companies that are embracing the technology revolution they way they should. Do they understand the power of the internet and social media?

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I personally, would be concerned about enrolling my vacation rental with an Orlando vacation home management company who doesn’t have a tech savvy enough marketing department to even put their own company on the internet map.  It would make me wonder, If they can’t market their own company properly, what are they possibly going to do for my home? I can tell you what they will do for you home; They will book your home out with tour operator bookings that pay half of what you should be getting and this is where 90% of your bookings will come from. The other 10% will come from your owner bookings if you choose to go that route.

Here are the top three reasons you NEED to be using a tech savvy Orlando vacation home management company in 2016:

  1. Competition- Airbnb and other sites like Tripadvisor, Homeaway, VRBO and the rest of them have completely changed the vacation rental game. It’s easier than ever now for guests to book directly with owners. Some management companies are listing on these sites as well but why would you want to pay someone a 20% cut of your booking income to do the exact same thing you can do? If this is their only tactic it’s time to level up.
  2. Guest Profiling- Heather Bayer talked about this at the most recent Vacation Rental Success Summit in Toronto, how management companies are now starting to internet stalk their guests (not in a creepy way) to find out what they like and their hobbies so that when they arrive they can have a relevant and unique surprise (such as a box of gluten free cookies) lined up when they get to the home. This creates repeat bookings for you and loyal guests. Management companies like Heather’s that are forward thinking are using unique, tech related, outside the box strategies like this to impress guests in a competitive market.
  3. Relationship Building- Brands that are not putting in an effort to build relationships with their guests online and on social media are not seeing a return. If you want to have repeat guests coming back year after year, requesting your home, it requires an exception guest experience as well as a continued relationship throughout the year. If you’re a busy owner and you work a full time job, raise a family and have a life (and maybe even a few pets) I doubt you have the time to do this. You are relying on your management company to maintain that relationship with your guests so they keep coming back. If your company doesn’t understand how to use social media (IE; not shoving sales information down people’s throats) then there’s no way they can maintain a loyal database of repeat guests which ultimately leaves you having to full in the gaps.

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I hope local Orlando vacation home management companies start embracing technology and learning about how IMG_0120it works so they can begin getting direct bookings and not relying on tour suppliers.  That will translate to more money in both of your pockets.   How tech savvy is your Orlando short term rental property management company? Are you impressed with their online presence? Tell us about it in the comments!

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