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Updated for 2016

Condo vacation rentals are a popular option for those not wanting to stay in a cheap and sleazy Orlando hotel but are  looking for a value vacation rental alternative in Orlando. Many of the Orlando condos near Disney offer both five star amenities as well as top of the line decor all for often half the price of a vacation home. When shopping for a vacation rental condo in Orlando be sure to find out about these five things before booking the unit.  You won’t regret asking these questions.

1. What floor is the vacation condo located on?
It may look fabulous in the pictures and the view may seem incredible but if it’s on the second floor and it’s a five story building you may run into noise issues. The middle floors are usually the nosiest floors to be located on and though they offer a great view, they may not be the best option if you are traveling with a small baby who wakes easily through the night.  The last thing you want to be on your Orlando vacation is sleep deprived!

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2. Does it have an elevator?
In follow up to the question above, if your condo is not on the first or second floor it’s vital to find out if the building has an elevator.  Believe it or not, not all Orlando condo resorts have elevators and you could be stuck walking up three flights of stairs everyday.  That may not seem so bad first thing in the morning but try doing it after you just walked three theme parks all day.  Happy camper? I think not.

3. Is it gated?
Most condos near Disney resorts are gated but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  The benefit to being in a gated community is obviously security.  Often times you will get locals looking for a free place to hang out for the day who sometimes utilize the facilities of non-gated communities and it causes the pool areas to get overcrowded.  Go for the gates, you’ll be happy you did in the end.

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4. Does it back up to a shopping plaza?
Always ask what your unit backs up to.  Many of the Orlando condo resorts back up to shopping plazas or are built near commercial strip plazas.  This isn’t so bad if you want to be walking distance to a strip plaza but to walk out onto your balcony and watch Uncle Vito dumping the trash out at the local Italian restaurant everyday just won’t feel so glamourous.

Vacation home too far from clubhouse5. How close to the pool is the unit?
In an recent post I briefly discussed how important it is to be close to the clubhouse and pool if you plan on using it.  Not only is it a pain in the rear to get into your car and schlep everything in and out everyday just to drive two minutes to the pool it’s more annoying if you’re not renting a car and you have to walk about 10 minutes in the blazing hot peaks of summer which, I promise, will suck the life out of you before you even get to the pool.  Always stay close to the clubhouse if you want an enjoyable vacation!

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