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Updated for 2016

If you’re in the market for a vacation rental in Florida than chances are you’re not a first time home buyer.  You’ve most likely worked with a Realtor in the past and you hopefully understand the value that using one brings to the table.  When choosing an agent for your vacation rental purchase there are several factors you must consider.  Just as you wouldn’t consult with a dentist for your heart surgery nor should you consult with a Realtor who is not a vacation rental specialist for your vacation rental purchase as it is a completely different ball game than buying a home for your residence.  Here is a list of qualifications to look for in your vacation rental Orlando Realtor:

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real-estate-agents-1116779_640Experience: This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many Orlando Realtors are running around trying to be everything to everyone and it just doesn’t work.  Many agents are willing to take whatever they can get and that often means that they are spread too thin and don’t know how to say no to a transaction they know little about.  A vacation rental is like an art, you have to study it, appreciate it and most importantly understand it in order to sell it.  There are unique issues that come up when buying a vacation rental home, for example short term rental returns, choosing the right management company, knowing which neighborhood will give you the best booking rates, understanding how the sales process works.  A qualified vacation home Orlando Realtor knows about these things and will be able to guide you better because of it.

Availability: Much like any home purchase it’s a good sign if the agent actually picks up the phone or calls you back.  If you call your Orlando Realtor and he/she doesn’t get back to you or at least text you within 12  hours than I would seriously reconsider working with this person (unless you have told them there is no rush).  The last thing you need is to spend money flying into town to see homes and your agent flaking out on you.  Think about how much time it will take out of your trip to have to search out another one that you may not even like.   Most vacation rental Orlando Realtors understand that you are here for the purpose of buying a home and are willing to dedicate that block of time to you so you can accomplish your goal before you go back home.

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person-801823_640Credentials: The National Association of Realtors offers education to Realtors above and beyond just getting a real estate license.  It’s very similar to how a doctor chooses a specialty and hyper focuses on that so do most Realtors.  A qualified vacation home Realtor will posses at least one, if not more than one of the NAR designations or some other type of specialized designation.  There are a few in particular to keep your eyes peeled for:  RSPS (Resort and Second Property Specialist) CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) and SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist).  If your Realtor possesses any of these designations you can know they have been trained for the niche of vacation homes. Experience still trumps designations though, so I wouldn’t put this at the top of your list. More like a bonus.

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I hope these tips help you make your decision in choosing your next agent and remember, don’t be a serial prospect.   What is a serial prospect you ask?  It’s a buyer (or seller) who works with a different agent every day and holds no loyalty to his/her Realtor.  This could end up costing you money in the end and there is no need for it.  All Orlando Realtors have access to the same information through the MLS and you can cover much more ground by just sticking with one that you trust.  Now that you know what to look for in an agent you can focus on what to look for in your vacation home.

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