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I often get asked the same questions by vacation home buyers and one of the most common of them is “What is a Short Term Rental Property?”  I’m going to explain this concept to you as simply as possible.

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Short Term Rental Property is the term for  a unique concept that only works in specific locations when all the right conditions exist. One of the critical factors that is necessary for this program to work is zoning regulations. Residential real estate property rentals in most areas require a Long Term Lease (7  months or longer), but because of special zoning regulations in the Disney area, three of the surrounding counties have approved certain communities to be zoned Short Term, which is 1  day or more. Another key element that is needed to make this program so successful is renters seeking a short term villa. Orlando just so happens to have tourists in droves just waiting to rent out vacation homes near Disney World.  So you see Kissimmee, Clermont and Davenport all have the perfect formula to provide you with short term rental investments near Disney.

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