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Vacation Home of the Week- How to Enter

Every week The Pink Flamingo picks one house and owner that stands out from the others in one way or another. Whether it’s unique marketing, a fabulous location or just plain old great decorating The Pink Flamingo is here to seek out these homes and put them in the spotlight every week. Think you and your home have what it takes to make our “Vacation Home of the Week” status? Read more details below to see if you qualify and how to enter your home.

What You Get If Your Home is Chosen

1. Link Bait!! If you don’t know what that is than let us explain; you’ll get a link from our website to yours which is worth a PR 3 according to Google. That means your site just went up a notch in Google’s eyes and it didn’t cost you a penny!

2. Free exposure of your home to our thousands of readers and subscribers of our website. Your home will also be featured on our blog, Facebook page and our Twitter page with a combined following of over 8,000 people. Talk about free advertising!!

3. A nice glossy award badge to put on your own website for credibility, marketing juice and bragging rights. Lets be honest here, how many people can say they have an award winning vacation home?

Vacation Home of the Week Standards and Guidelines:

1. You must be the actual owner of the home.  Management companies cannot submit entries for their owners.

2. Owner must be generating at least 15 weeks of owner bookings each year. The rest can be management bookings.

3. Condition of home: Home must be in good condition, all furnishings well kept and updated.  Carpets and flooring in good condition, pool area well kept, great community, minimal clutter and curb appeal.

4. Extra points for outside the box thinkers.  . . looking for things that set the home apart from others such as themed bedrooms, unique decor, game rooms, cool marketing strategies, fabulous websites and anything else that might make us say “WOW, I love it!”

5. We must preview the home before awarding “Vacation Home of the Week” status to make sure it meets our standards.

6. You must “Like” our Facebook page so we can link to you once posted.

Think You and Your Home Fit The Bill?

Please click the link below and fill out the application form. . .  remember due to predetermined scheduling by powers higher than us we only have 52 weeks per year so please don’t be discouraged if your home doesn’t get chosen right away. We will review every application and if your home meets the criteria we will do our best to get you on our list.   Apply Here


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