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This concept seems to be a new trend and a rather desperate attempt at property management companies trying to put more money back in their pockets. This scam targets unsuspecting holiday makers who are staying in a short term vacation rental property.  You will generally experience this after you have arrived at the home. It’s similar to the oh so famous time share prospecting methods.

You’re unpacking, settling in and planing your week here in Orlando, all of a sudden you hear the doorbell ring.  You open it up and it appears to be a nice man or woman dressed in everyday casual clothes or sometimes even a uniform with name tag. This person claims to be your “concierge” and they are here to help you with anything you may need.  This pretend concierge asks if he/she can come in and check on the house to make sure everything is functioning just fine.  Once in the door your done.  You are now officially their prey and the predators one main goal is to SELL YOU A HOUSE!!!

Now that your guard is down and you think this person is your friend it’s time for him/her to play ball. He/she sits you down (usually at the dining room table) and pulls out some type of a folder with lots of worthless and usually cheesy information in it (this is just to distract you from their real goal)  After the pretend concierge is done he/she will then ask the final question. . . “Can I interested you and your family in a free dinner at one of the local dinner show theaters?”  Who is going to say no?  Perhaps you’re one of the smart ones and you say “what’s the catch?” The catch is this, you have to sit through a 30 minute hard hype presentation with a Realtor from their real estate company while they try to hard sell you a vacation home.  Once in that room with the Realtor their is no getting out without agreeing to at least view some homes.

To those of you who actually want to spend your holiday viewing homes this can be a win-win right?  Wrong, and this is why.  Anything they are going to offer you in terms of a reward for putting up with their sales pitch is never going to equal out to more than $50.  It’s just not worth it to them.  The Realtor you get stuck with may not have your best interest in mind and you were caught off guard any way.  How do you even know if what they are showing you is really the best deal?  You’ve had no time to research this agent, company or even the market and here you are getting ready to purchase a vacation home based on pure emotion.  STOP! Take a deep breath, get to your nearest computer and start doing your homework.  If you like this Realtor that’s great but spend some time researching the Realtor’s website and credentials and also consult with at least one other agent that you choose before deciding to work with this one Realtor. If you came to Orlando with the intention of making a purchase than most likely you’ve already developed some type of rapport with another Realtor who has been sending you properties online. Try calling this Realtor and getting a second opinion from someone who’s not there to hard sell you.

To avoid all of this hype and in my opinion pure abuse, you could also let the management company or owner know ahead of time that you don’t want any unexpected visitors and if they send anyone by they MUST call you first and explain exactly what they want.



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