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The Bimini Bay 11,000 Sq Ft Clubhouse was set to flames last month.  The Bimini Bay resort was not known for it’s amenities, or lack thereof, and now the one good thing it had going for it has been burnt to smithereens.  The police suspect arson as the main cause of this fire and thankfully there were no injuries reported.  According to the Fire Marshall, the damages are totaling around $1,000,000.  I wouldn’t hold your breathe on this being renovated anytime soon.

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While we’re on the topic of crime in Bimini Bay, earlier that week Bimini Bay served bilde5as the meeting place for four men planning a robbery.  Two unsuspecting men who were hanging out at the local Kissimmee Denny’s wandered to a party at the Bimini Bay Resort with two random women that they met (probably over a romantic platter of moons over my hammy) only to be forced into a vacant townhouse where they were held at gun point.  Talk about a good day gone bad.  They probably should have just stuck with Denny’s and a romantic walk down I-drive in rush hour.

Bimini Bay appears to be taking alot of heat over the past month. . . no pun intended.  From arson to robberies that would be enough to make me look at the properties up the street instead.  With all this bad press surrounding the Bimini Bay resort this may be a time to get a cheap townhouse in there as many owners will probably be deciding it’s time for a move!

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