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What To Look Out For When Renting a Condo Near Disney World

Condo vacation rentals are a popular option for those not wanting to stay in a cheap and sleazy Orlando hotel but are looking for a value vacation rental in Orlando. Many of the Orlando condo resorts offer a both five star amenities as well as top of the line decor all for often half the price of a vacation home. When shopping for a vacation condo in Orlando be sure to find out about these five things before booking the unit. You won’t regret asking these questions. Read the full article at:

toll road Davenport, FL

Important Things You Need To Look For Before Renting an Orlando Vacation House-Part 2

All About Deposits

credit-cardsAfter you select an Orlando vacation home, and confirm the dates, you will have to put a deposit on the home. This is normally around $200.00 per week. If you are renting directly from a home owner, they usually accept a certified check, PayPal, or even a credit card. I’m okay with any of these forms of payments. If you use a credit card, you will most likely have to give your credit card number, name, and security code. Not all people are comfortable giving this out, it’s up to you. A security/breakage deposit is often also required. It will be around $200.00 and is returned after the house is verified it’s in the same condition as before you arrived. Read the full article:

Important Things You Need To Look For Before Renting an Orlando Vacation House-Part 1

Many people are turning to renting vacation homes in Orlando instead of the more traditional hotel rentals. Over the last five or six years my family has rented houses in the Orlando and Tampa, Florida area. This past spring we purchased a house in Davenport, Florida. Davenport is just outside of Orlando, 15 minutes from the theme parks. We are currently renting this house as well as using it for our own personal vacation retreat.

Because I have been on both sides of the fence, renting a home and renting one out, I can give you several tips on renting a vacation home. Read the full story at

Research Vacation Rentals

If You Don’t Research Your Florida Vacation Home Neighborhood Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

There is so much that goes into buying the perfect Florida vacation rental home. Many people think that it’s as simple as just jumping online and browsing for Florida homes. Though that’s not a horrible place to start it absolutely shouldn’t be the first place. Florida vacation rental homes are a very specialized niche and understanding that fact will help guide you down the right path that will save you the most time and money. One of the major factors that play a huge role in choosing the right vacation rental home in Florida would be neighborhood research. In my ebook “Everything You Wish You Knew Before Buying a Florida Vacation Rental Home” I go into all the steps in great detail but for the sake of keeping this short and sweet I’m going to touch on this very important subject. Read The Full Story at

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Who Wants a Vacation At The Reunion Resort in Orlando for Free with 20 of Your Closest Friends?

Looks like Nature’s Own has partnered with Reunion Resort in Orlando and will be giving one lucky family a pretty sweet family vacation.  Check out what the lucky grand prize winner wins: Reunion Bank Owned Property List 1. Round trip airfare for up to twenty (20) people from the major commercial airport nearest the winner’s [...]


The Pound Declined Against the Dollar on Friday, After UK GDP Declined 1.6% in the Fourth Quarter

With these latest trends in the fluctuating currency rates, more and more U.K invetors are opting to invest in Florida real estate which has seen record lows of late. Liquidating investment accounts and rainy day funds for buying power in the Disney short term rental market. Smart buying in today’s real estate market can equal the best return on your long term investment with prices so low they have nowhere to go but up as we near the end of this ten year real estate cycle a little later than anticipated.