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With all the negative press surrounding Orlando lately it’s such a breath of fresh air to see Orlando recognized for many of  its positive attributes.  According to Forbes Orlando was recently ranked #4 in the Most Popular Cities category and if you’ve ever lived or vacationed here you can probably understand why. Here are some of my own personal reasons:

1. I was hanging at the beach all day with my daughter this past Sunday while the rest of America froze their asses off.

gorilla2. When I’m bored I pack a lunch and go hang out at Universal or Disney with my daughter.

3. Watching the Disney fireworks has become a regular part of my child’s bedtime routine.

4. I own one jacket and it’s mostly for decoration.

5. My shoe rack consists of almost all flip flops and one pair of sneakers

6. My daughter’s shoe rack consists of 10 different pairs of Crocs and one pair of sneakers.

7. Palm trees are not just a tree they are a way of life.

8. Instead of taking marine biology class in high school students are now able to take the class at Sea World.

florida_alligator9. My neighbor had to beat an alligator with a broom to get it out of his garage.  It was very funny, not the gator part but the broom part. I laughed.

10. Growing up in South Florida my weekends were usually always spent at one of the local beaches.  When it’s cloudy you get mad at the weather and don’t leave home.

11. You learn to handle road rage and accept all types of drivers at a young age.  It’s a very enlightening experience.

What are some of your top reasons for loving life in Orlando, FL??



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