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gatordWhat do you get when you mix crackheads with alligators? Probably nothing you would want to look at, especially at 3am . . . though this story is a few years old I still find it “What The Flock” worthy:

Original Story From: Click Orlando

Authorities said the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received multiple calls at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday concerning screams for help coming from an area of Lake Parker County Park near the Moose Lodge on East Lake Parker Drive.

When officers arrived, they heard a Adrian Apgar in the lake screaming for help and saying he was being attacked by an alligator. The deputies dove into the alligator-infested waters and searched for the man, the police report said. Once the deputies found the victim, they were able to pull him from the alligator’s jaws and swim about 40 feet to shore. Apgar was transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center in critical condition with an apparent broken arm, partially amputated left arm and major trauma to his leg. Wildlife officials said they were not surprised that the alligator attacked Apgar because 4 a.m. is prime feeding time, Local 6 News reported.

The Pink Flamingo Says:
1. Don’t Smoke Crack!
2. Don’t Smoke Crack Naked!!!
3. Don’t Smoke Crack Naked Near Alligator Infested Water at Prime Feeding Time!!!!!!!



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