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Market Street Cafe Celebration FLThis review of the Market Street Cafe was written by our very own Director of Client Relations. 

As you enter Celebration it’s hard to not feel like you’ve been transported into a different era. The purpose of my visit is to do a review of the Market Street Cafe but immediately my mind wonders from my plan as I’m surrounded by an array of children playing in their front yards, families walking their dogs at the local park, walkers, joggers and bike riders enjoying an afternoon exercise by the lake. I find myself slowly walking through the town and wandering past the many store fronts, bakeries and ice cream parlors. I stop myself remembering why I’m here but first I take a moment to just stop and people watch for a moment. It’s hard not to notice the real sense of community here. Smiling faces around every corner as everyone seems to know each other by name. I feel my own spirits lifted and a recurring thought of “I could live here” keeps sneaking into my mind. As an Orlando local of almost 15 years but originally from a small town in Pittsburgh I miss the feel of a small familiar community that I have now been transported back to.

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I arrive at the Market Street Cafe expecting the usual dinner food to be on the menu but I am quickly surprised at the eclectic and traditional menu items that I have to chose from. From pancakes to sandwiches piled high, from burgers to fish tacos this menu leaves no craving unsatisfied. Since it’s a bit later in the day I

market street cafe lunchsteer away from what would be my first pick of Market Street Cafe’s famous pancakes and instead decide on another specialty of the dinners their self proclaimed World Famous Fish and chips said to be comparable to the UK original. I set my expectations high and decide that I will indulge in this childhood favorite but also being a favorite of mine I substitute the traditional fries with the Market Street Cafe’s Sweet potato fries.

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As I wait for my food to arrive I look around to see a restaurant full for lunch by what seems to be all locals and regulars. Waiters and patrons alike all call each other by their first names and talk casually about there daily lives and family. I notice next to me and older gentleman who seems to know everyone, staff and guests alike. I can’t help to smile as a sense of happiness fills me and I haven’t even received my food yet. As I soon find out by his eagerness to speak to everyone and anyone that makes eye contact with him, Mr. Tracey has lived here for the past 6 years and has not missed a lazy morning sipping coffee and reading the newspaper after his daily routine of “BLUEBERRY PANCAKES ” one of Market Street Cafe’s specialties, since he discovered this place shortly after moving here.

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As my food arrives I am astounded by the massive size of my entrée. The fish fried to a golden perfection takes up the entire length of the plate, surrounded on one side by sweet potato fries and on the other the Market Street Cafe’s homemade coleslaw. I stare in amazement at a portion big enough for two or three. I begin

market street cafe with a sweet potato fry, crispy and slightly salty on the outside, smooth and sweet on the inside “YES “this fry lover has found her heaven. As I cut into the crispy batter of the fish I am happily surprised to find a thin layer of batter encrusting a flakey white fish cooked just right. The coleslaw is creamy and sweet a perfect companion to the fish and fries. Seeing that I have yet to venture to the UK for the original Fish and Chips and unable to compare I find it hard to believe that fish and chips can get any better than this. Using my better judgment and with my dessert loving subconscious sneaking in I stop myself with just enough room left to try one of the Cafe’s homemade desserts. My waitress goes down the list of pies, cakes and cobblers made fresh daily and the chocolate lover in me chooses to indulge in the Chocolate Mousse Cake. As my waitress returns with my cake I see that it is alongside a Vanilla shake. She explains that a visit to the Cafe wouldn’t be the same without trying one of their famous Milkshakes which they have kindly given to me on the house. Both the cake and shake are mouth watering, smooth and delicious but with an already full stomach I am only able to manage one bite and two sips before I have to call it quits.

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It’s easy to see why Mr. Tracey visits this cafe every day. The atmosphere, the people and the food make a trip to this cafe more than worthwhile whether living in Celebration or just visiting for the day.

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