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Living the Celebration Real Estate Life

Celebration Real EstateTrying to escape the suburban sprawl that is engulfing so many areas in this country, people come to Celebration, FL  from all over the world to experience the charm of 1930’s southern American village.  With a charm, unique to very few places, Celebration real estate lives up to its name.  With everything within walking distance, many residents are able to get around by foot, or the many smart cars and golf carts that you’ll see throughout your day. Wait long enough, and you will even run into a Segway, the 2 wheeled human transporter.  Celebration is made up of an eclectic mix of people, and you will quickly discover that this is one of the friendliest towns you could move into.

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Celebration  Real Estate

Celebration Real EstateCelebration homes have been designed to inspire neighborly activity in the front yard, in order to encourage a sense of community.  Celebration real estate was modeled after small American towns and neighborhoods from the early 1900s. Garages are not observable from the street and are in the rear of the property and accessed by a service alley that runs behind the homes.  Celebration, FL homes and condominiums are built along small streets, with garbage pickup done along the service alleyway behind the homes. Keeping everything in the back, as well as having utilities services under ground, keeps the look of home fronts and sidewalks pristine. As you can imagine, retaining a perfect community, necessitates strict adherence to town guidelines, such as specific landscaping requirements, colors that aren’t too far off from one another as well as similar materials for buildings. All of this creates a harmonious blend of different styles, allowing for a beautifully done continuity throughout the whole town of Celebration, FL. Residents, who call Celebration home, love it and would not choose any other place over Celebration.

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The Locals

CelebrationRealEstateAfter going to the Market Street Café, Celebrations quant local diner (Read the review here) and being lucky enough to run into and speak with a long time Celebration resident, I began to understand more about what someone would want out of living in such an area.

“To quote Calvin R. Don’t let the talk of ‘The Truman Show’ fool you. Many myths have been passed around about our little town.  While there are always some kernels of truth in every myth, anyone that comes through here will quickly see past them, and will experience for themselves just why we love this place so much.”

While you might not get life time Disney passes just for being a Celebration resident (one of the better myths), you will end up getting much more in the end, and that’s a real sense of community. Walking through this town, I can’t help but to feel a sense of fun and calm that pervades the streets. It’s not just the people that make this place what it is, but an atmosphere that permeates through everything.

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Celebration History

Now that I’ve told you about what the town of Celebration is like, I will give you a little background on it.

Market Street Cafe Celebration FL The dream child of Walt Disney, picturesque Celebration was founded in 1994, inspired by his dream for a people-friendly utopia. It has added its own schools, fire station, hospitals, town center and many other businesses and faculties since the first residents moved in in 1996.  Though the community is no longer owned by Disney – it was sold to a private real estate investment company in 2004, and since then the Celebration Real Estate Market has grown to over 4,060 homes and condos, occupied by over 9,000 residents.

The down town area complete with a movie theater, restaurants, shopping, coffee shop, diner, bookstores, and barbershop is always bustling and will give you ample things to do on your Friday and Saturday nights. If you are looking for a primary residence, second home or vacation home (a place to stay at during those cold Northern months), or even a home as an investment, and then take advantage of this beautiful small town oasis nestled away in the middle of larger metropolitan areas. Your family and your tenants will thank you.

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Currently there are only 80 properties available in Celebration, FL, which includes 63 single family homes, 2 town homes and 13 condos. Representing an inventory of less than 3% – a small fraction of the total homes in Celebration, and much lower than it has been in several years residents seem to be happily engulfed within this magical community.

Is it expensive to buy Celebration real estate?  Maybe a little compared to other communities in the Disney area, but you can still find many homes for the same average price as you can find in other suburban towns as well as be a part of a community and culture much like that of Walt Disney’s original vision.

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