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Updated for 2016

As if I haven’t pounded this into the heads of my readers enough already here I go with a video tutorial.  You must research an Orlando vacation rental investment before you purchase it, two of the most important things you want to know up front are

1. What is the rental potential of this Orlando vacation rental property?
2. How many minimum weeks can I expect this Orlando vacation rental to book?

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I’ve created this quick little tutorial on how to quickly use VRBO to check the booking and rental rates of an Orlando vacation rental.  This method can be used for any vacation rental property listed for sale.  All you need to know is the neighborhood name and the general stats of the home (beds and baths). And for those of you who are skeptical about the accuracy of the rates on VRBO, there is a website called AirDNA that you can purchase more accurate info from but this exercise is meant to just give you a simple ESTIMATED answer. I also tell people to just subtract 20% of all the numbers you see on VRBO if you are concerned at all about accuracy. I have found though that the average nightly rates shown on Airbnb are pretty close to accurate.

Oh and one last thing! This video was made back in 2009 BUT the method is still very accurate so we decided to keep this up and not make a new one. If you would like a more in depth tutorial just drop us an email and we will be happy to make one and publish it!

Here is a link to the exact Orlando vacation rental property I used as an example in this video
Here is a link to the example listing I used on VRBO

We hope to earn the opportunity of helping you achieve your Orlando vacation rental investment property goals this year. To set up a free, no obligation investment property consultation with us please use our scheduling tool or contact us directly at 866-422-6191 and if you have enjoyed this article please consider subscribing to our blog and stay updated on future information. 



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