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What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Florida Realtor (updated for 2016)

This article is mainly geared toward vacation rental and investment property buyers who don’t live in Florida and have to rely on the good ole internet to find some credible to be their eyes and ears however, these tactics could be applied in any situation or state when purchasing from afar.

So your Florida Realtor was great over the phone, always got back to you and helped you get everything prepared but after you met and started working together they just didn’t seem to hold up to their first impression they gave you. This would be an unfortunate situation to find yourself in after you’ve spent all the time and money on your trip to Florida to purchase a property. If it’s just an issue of your personalities not meshing well than my advice would be, If they know what they’re doing and are experienced you may want to try to work through the personality issues.  At this point you run the risk of choosing someone new out of desperation and could end up with someone worse.

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If your Florida Realtor just doesn’t know what they are doing and can’t seem to give you any relevant information about the properties or even worse, doesn’t even show up than I have a couple of suggestions for you that shouldn’t waste too much of your buying trip time:

  • Contact their broker (this information can be found by calling the local real estate board, DBPR or MLS) and let the broker know about your concerns and your experience with this Realtor so far and see if they have someone else in that office they can refer you to. Make sure that the next one specializes in income producing investments and values people’s time and business.
  • Pull out that original list you made when you were interviewing Florida Realtors and try contacting one of the other two that made it onto your interview list (assuming you did this and didn’t just pick the first one that popped up on a listing on They just might have some availability and can squeeze you in.
  • If you are staying in a vacation home neighborhood, go to the nearest shopping center (they’re everywhere or even use Yelp to find one) and see if there is a real estate company within that plaza, trying walking in and explaining your situation so they don’t think you’re just a Realtor hopper.  Explain to them what you are looking for in a Realtor and see if they have someone who is willing to take you out on last minute’s notice (there is usually someone doing what is called “floor time” on site waiting for walk ins.

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I certainly don’t advise finding another Florida Realtor at the last minute as that usually ends up in disaster however, sometimes these things just happen and Realtors just don’t workout.  Try and prepare for this situation ahead of time and maybe have a Realtor in the back of your mind as a back up plan. Make sure you hold on to that itinerary, your next Realtor will need this so they know which properties you want to see before you leave.  If   you do switch Realtors, as a professional courtesy, let your current Realtor know that you are no longer going to be working with them so they don’t wonder what happened to you.

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