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Renting a vacation home today is easier than it was a few years ago. We can compare prices, amenities, and locations with just a few taps on our smartphone, while sipping our morning coffee. We can rent a place in just a couple of minutes, cancel our reservation or alter it according to our requirements. We can do all that by never actually picking up the phone and calling the property manager, and we can keep track of everything from the road, hassle-free. And, usually, it all runs smoothly and we are satisfied with the course of things. But did you ever lose the keys to your vacation apartment or beach house, or accidentally locked them in? Did the property have any smart, electronic locks on the doors that made things even more complicated or simplified them?

The rise of smart devices and the continuously developing connectivity of all things around us forces vacation rental owners to find it easier than ever to manage their properties from remote distances. Property access is by far one of the most burning matters that most owners usually deal with. Below you will discover a few essentials tips on how to best handle the matter of vacation property access for guests. handle emergencies

Managing Vacation Rentals Doesn't Have To Be A Burden

  • Providing guests with an easy way to enter your home for a few days or a couple of weeks can trigger some more or less complicated logistics. At times, owners might need to mail the keys, or change the lock-box codes. Most times, they will meet their guests at late-night hours, and this is an obvious inconvenience for both parties.

  • Keys can get lost easily, especially when shipped or mailed, and this leads to additional problems. The need to replicate the missing keys and create a sufficient number of spares that can be used in case of lockouts is mandatory. Emergency locksmith services like this one here are highly requested by vacation home managers in need of fast lock picking service, at all hours of the day or night.

  • Can connected devices eliminate this problem completely? There are many benefits to the use of keyless lock systems. And the topic continues to be a highly debatable one, especially since most homeowners want to manage and monitor their properties 24/7. If you plan on implementing a connected lock system at your rental property, you will get a chance to significantly improve the security of your home. You will also cut the time spent coordinating access, and even get rid of most of the risks of guests not being able to gain access to your property. While you can always use a professional locksmith in your area who can rapidly get to you and pick any lock you might have installed, a smart lock might eliminate the need to use them as often as before. And this should also cut some additional costs.

  • Nevertheless, hiring a specialized locksmith to pick a lock or cut some duplicate keys every couple of months might be cheaper than buying and maintaining smart locks with lock codes.

  • You will need to learn how to provide guests with lock codes after booking your property, and know how to limit the amount of time their codes will be valid. If you are not very experienced with using advanced technologies, this might be an issue.



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