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Regal Palms Clubhouse

Updated For 2016!

Trying to find the perfect Florida vacation rental home from thousands of miles away can often become a very frustrating task. Homes might look great in the pictures online but what does the surrounding area look like?  If you’re not utilizing at least one of these five free mapping tools listed here than you you may be in for a huge surprise when you arrive here in Orlando and pull up to your property.

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Regal Palms Clubhouse on Bing Streetside

Regal Palms Clubhouse on Bing Streetside

  1. Bing Streetside: Streetside from Bing is a really cool mapping tool. It’s similar to Google street view but  It’s so easy to use and they combine their own street level images with users’ images that appear exactly on the spot that they were taken. It’s almost like a community based mapping tool.

2. Google Street View: Some pretty funny stuff has been caught on Google street view but we’ll save that for another day. Google street view is great for just about anything but above all it’s amazing for researching real estate.  It’s the second best thing to actually being able to walk or drive the streets your self.  Google street view offers you a 360* view of the street and is incredibly accurate.  This is great if you want to see what your future neighbor’s houses look like or what your walk to the clubhouse will be like.

3. Earthmine: They have an agreement that lets it use software created by NASA technologies used on the Mars Exploration Rover (pretty impressive). This is not a free service but they claim that their images are accurate enough that they can be used to measure distances and sizes of objects, buildings etc. They have videos and samples you can check out. This would be a great tool for anyone wanting to measure the distance to Disney World from certain homes.

4. Dual MapsDual maps combine Google Maps, Google Street View and Microsoft Bing Maps into one map and it’s free to use. It’s very easy to use, you just type in an address and all three maps pop up. If you don’t want one specific map you can uncheck it. It’s a great way to get three different perspectives on something you can’t go drive by and preview.

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