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Updated for 2016

When renting an Orlando vacation home there are specific features you want to look for in that home to get the most value for your money.  Many people who stay in an Orlando vacation home rental for the first time go at it blind and don’t know what questions to ask when inquiring about vacation rentals.  These are the top four most requested features for an Orlando vacation rental property and for good reason.

1. Distance to the Clubhouse
Ever rent a vacation property located in a neighborhood the size of Texas only to have to walk or drive all the way to the other side just to go to the clubhouse? That’s not fun for anyone especially in the middle of the blazing hot summer and you have to walk.  If utilizing the community clubhouse is a priority for you than by all means make sure the property is located within close walking distance.

2. Pool Heat with South Facing Pool
Pool heat is by far one of the single most requested features in am Orlando vacation home rental during the winter.  The great thing about Florida is that most of the time in Winter, if you have pool heat, it’s still not too cold to go swimming outside (at least for the snowbirds). If you want to be able to utilize the private pool in winter make sure it has a heater.  There will be an additional charge for pool heat. A South facing pool with get the most sun exposure throughout the day.

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3. Lake or Conservation View: There is nothing more peaceful than waking up every morning in your Orlando vacation home rental, having a hot cup of tea and looking out at your beautiful view of either the lake or nature.  If you’re going to spend the money on an Orlando vacation home rental you may as well have something with a view.  It’s also a privacy factor for many people, they do not want the neighbors behind them staring at them while they are sunbathing or lounging in the private pool.

4. Updated Furniture: For the love of all things vacation homes don’t get stuck with floral couches! There are many Florida vacation homes out there that look like the furniture has not been updated since the industrial revolution and many of them are charging the same amount in rent as their neighbor who has a modern updated pad complete with a games room and flat screen television.  Always check out a virtual tour of the property before renting to make sure you get a good look at what you will be living in for a week or two.

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