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We love to keep tabs on which Clermont Vacation Rental Homes are booming and which ones are waning. We have scoured the likes of Tripadvisor to bring you the top three most booked Clemont vacation rental homes. Keep in mind this is just the data from Tripadvisor, this doesn’t include Homeaway, Airbnb or any other vacation rental websites. We’re going to analyze each Clermont villa and point out reasons why these homes might be booking so well and take a look at the neighborhoods they’re in. Lets go!

Ibis Villa Orange Tree Clermont1. The Ibis Villa

  • 81+ Bookings
  • Located in Orange Tree
  • 33+ Reviews
  • 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8

By far, THE most booked villa in Clermont on Tripadvisor. I read many of the reviews for this home (33 of them, wow!) and they all seem to mention one common thing. . . the location! All of the guests who stayed here that were happy loved the location. They said it was close to everything and very convenient. Orange Tree is definitely one of the more sought after Clermont vacation home communities. People also seemed to really enjoy the game room as well as the pool and spa area. One thing that I suspected would be an issue is that the home is starting to show wear and tear and many people took note of that. The homes in Orange Tree are older (built 2002-2006) and most will need to start being updated in order to keep up with the competition. If I was the owner of this home, I would invest in some updated furniture, light fixtures and curtains to make the place appear more modern.

Most Raved About Feature: The Location!

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Clermont Vacation Rental Homes2. The Sanann Villa

Okay Sanann Villa you really seemed to have impressed quite a few people with your spacious floorplan! Almost every review mentioned the floorplan or layout in some way, most referring to it as spacious. Notice this home has a bathroom for every bedroom. That’s a common feature now in the newer vacation rental homes. Guests don’t feel so cramped in a home when they don’t have to leave their bedroom to use the bathroom or share with others. The homes in Glenbrook also utilize the square feet better than some of the older communities to cater to today’s vacation rental guest. We did notice a few raves about the location but this home is most likely getting so many bookings (and possibly a ton of repeat guests) because of it’s wonderful floorplan. The community of Glenbrook also has wonderful amenities which were also mentioned by guests in the reviews. 

Most Raved About Feature: The Floorplan!

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Clermont VacatioN Rental Homes3. The Tangerine Villa

Tangerine villa, you are so awesome and I can see why, your pool is so quaint and interesting! Most pools these days are the same old hole in the ground shape but the pool at the tangerine villa is unique. It’s an L shaped pool which can make people feel like it’s bigger than it actually it. The yard itself is also pretty private with all the hedges and landscaping around which also gives people the feeling that they are on a tropical island (as if a peninsula wasn’t close enough). Almost every review also mentioned how clean the home was. Cleanliness is truly an important quality to have in a vacation rental, keeping stains out of carpets and making sure your linens are in good shape go a long way for a guest. One thing that seemed to be an either love or gate feature for many guests was the alarm system. Many loved it and raved about it but some people seemed to be frustrated with it. When putting a security system in your Clermont vacation rental, make sure it’s user friendly. Keep in mind people staying there don’t have any experience with this type of set up, security system are different in every country. 

Most Raved About Feature: The Pool (and Cleanliness)!

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So in closing, what makes certain Clemont vacation rental homes get more bookings than others? I think it comes down to the general rule of vacation rentals, keep it clean, keep it updated, and have a fabulous pool!!! There are definitely more ways to get booked but if you have these three things covered you are off to a good start. Keep in mind also, Clermont is a very ‘off the beaten path’ area so you will always be able to use that to your advantage when marketing your villa. There are a ton of people out there who prefer off the beaten path rentals.

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