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Here’s How Our Cash Rebate Program Works

Questions & Answers About the Rebate Program

Which Homes Qualify For This Program?

We are constantly in the negotiation process with developer’s to add additional communities into this program. Currently, the homes that qualify are in the following communities and are only the new build homes or the inventory homes being sold by the developer directly. Re-sale home communities (communities where the homes are no longer being sold by the developer directly) are not included in this program. Below is our most recent list of qualifying vacation rental resort communities that qualify for our cash rebate program:

Bella Collina** Not zoned STR (Phoenix Homes)
BellaVida Resort (Park Square Homes)
Crofton Springs at Providence
Festival Resort (Minto Homes)
Margarita Village (TBA)
Paradise Palms (Lennar)
Solterra Resort (DR Horton, Park Square Homes)

Storey Lake (Lennar)
Reunion Resort (Park Square Homes) 
The Dales at Westhaven (Beazer Homes)
The Encore Club at Reunion
The Grove Resort & Spa 
The Retreat at Champions Gate (Lennar)
Veranda Palms (Park Square Homes)
Windsor at Westside (Pulte Homes)


Won't I save this money by not using a Realtor anyway?

Definitely not. The prices of the homes are exactly the same whether you have Realtor representation or not. The developer would prefer to sell these homes without you having a Realtor because they will profit more money on each house but they are in no way able to or inclined to lower the purchase price of any of their homes because you are not using a Realtor.  If they did that it would mean inconsistent sales prices which would have a negative effect on appraisals in the community so the price is the price with or without us.  Our commission comes directly out of their profit and we pass it right on to you.

The credit we are offering is money you will be paying anyway, whether you use us or not. You will just be putting what’s rightfully yours back into the developers pocket by not having representation. The onsite sales reps are wonderful people and are great at what they do but be advised, their job is to sell you a home in that community. They don’t have any motivation to tell you about other communities that might be a better fit or about the pros and cons of the VR market in general. In other words, they do not represent you, they represent the seller so it’s important that you go into it with someone on your side that can be your eyes and ears as well as offer you unbiased and sound advice on the investment opportunity. And to top it off, you’re getting free money out of it just for making the smart decision!

How Do I Receive This Money?

The cash rebate is paid to you in the form of a credit on your HUD-1 (closing statement). This credit will cover any and all closing expenses up to the amount of the credit and you will be responsible for whatever is left over (if any). Typical closing costs on a new build home with an average purchase price of $400,000 and a mortgage are around 5% of the purchase price. A credit from us could cover almost half or more of your closing expenses saving you a significant amount of money that can be use for something such as a furniture package or upgrades.


What if I am getting financing?

In most cases we have not had any issues with lenders allowing us to offer this closing cost credit. Because these are second home purchases and buyers are putting down at least 20% there is usually not an issue. We do advise you to always check with your lender in advance and let them know about our closing cost credit so they can both factor it into their estimate closing expenses as well as let you know if there will be any issues with it. To date, we have not had any lenders have an issue with this. When you obtain financing on a home, you typically have higher closing expenses as opposed to when you pay cash.


What if I am working with another Realtor?

Our closing cost credit is a savings we are proud to pass onto our clients but unfortunately, cannot offer this to buyers working with other brokers. This is a service and courtesy reserved for clients of TFG only. If you are interested in finding out more about all the perks of becoming a TFG client, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to speak with you!


What if I have already visited these communities?

The way our service is structured with developers is that we have to be the first ones to introduce you to the community or they will not pay the commission in which we give you the credit from, even if you are working with us as a client. We don’t necessarily have to be with you when you go there (though we prefer to so we can make sure you are presented with the most accurate, unbiased information), but you do have to let them know you are working with our team and list us as your representation on the contact form they give you upon your first visit or inquiry to the community.

If you have already been to the community but it was over a year ago or you have decided you would really like to have professional representation for your purchase and have not been to this community with another broker, contact us before you write any contracts as we still may be able to negotiate with the builder at that point. Once you go under contract, it is too late for us to represent you and pass along the purchase credit.


What if I am already under contract in one of these communities?

Once you go under contract, it is too late for us to represent you and pass along the purchase credit. It’s important to reach out to us first so that we can secure this cash rebate for you and make sure you have full representation during this process.


Is this legal?

Yes. Florida law prohibits us (or any real estate company/agent) from paying any type of outside kickback to a client in the form of cash or gifts above $50 however, it is perfectly legal for us to credit you a portion of our commission toward your closing costs as long as it is documented on the HUD-1 statement.

If you have been offered any type of cash or gifts other than a credit on your closing statement please understand that both you, the recipient, and the entity giving you this are both in violation of Florida law and are subject to a fine and possible jail time if caught. We do not ever take this type of risk with our company or put our clients in that kind of legal hot water. Everything we do is perfectly legal and by the books.


How do I claim this credit with the developer?

Once you fill out the form below you will be emailed a certificate. This certificate can be printed and brought with you to any of the new home communities you visit. When you give this to the developer they will know you are working with our company and note that accordingly on the form. It is advised for you to contact us in advance and let us know when and which communities you will be visiting so we can recommend to you which onsite sales person to work with based on our experiences with past clients. We are also able to find out if there are any homes or incentives being released in the coming weeks or months that would be valuable knowledge to you, the buyer. Lastly, we would love to offer you full representation and accompany you while on your vacation rental adventure but we understand that some people prefer to do the preliminary work on their own first. The important part is that the developer knows we are representing you so that we can make sure you get your credit and free representation.


Additional terms and conditions:

Please make sure you have read the above questions and answers carefully and that you understand how the program works. This is in no way a cash transaction where you receive money outside of a HUD-1 statement. This is a closing cost credit payable only via a HUD-1 closing statement. TFG cannot guarantee any prices of homes or mortgage rates, we can only pass on the information we are given by third parties and speak about past experiences. Cash credit will vary from community to community. Please make sure to check with your TFG sales associate if you are unsure of how much cash credit you will be getting. Do not make any assumptions based on internet information, always verify everything with a TFG sales rep first. Closing cost credit is only valid on the communities listed in this Q&A section. We cannot offer this to anyone who was referred to TFG by a third party or outside agent/promoter, please speak directly with the agent or promoter to find out if they are offering any rebates. In some cases we are able to negotiate something towards closing costs but cannot guarantee the amount advertised. Credit is good for up to six months from the time you register at the community. If more than six months has passed please notify us for an updates credit certification.

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