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Welcome to the Flock!

The Pink Flamingo is Florida’s funkiest, freshest and pinkest online Vacation Home community.  This community was started to fill the need of so many Florida vacation home buyers and owners.  You spoke and we listened, now we’re here to be the voice for all Florida vacation homeowners, buyers and tourists in the Orlando areas.  We’re more than just another real estate site or travel site, here at the Flamingo you’ll find tons of free and valuable information about the ever changing Orlando vacation home market.  So jump right in and join the fun and don’t forget, anything goes here at The Pink Flamingo. . .as long as it’s wearing clothes or feathers.

About The Author

Erica Muller
Author, Florida Licensed Realtor, Property Marketing Guru
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What I’m All About

Hi, I’m Erica and I’m the gal behind the pink.  As you may have noticed I have a healthy obsession with real estate, vacation homes and marketing (and tea but we can talk about that another time). My professional background is in Florida real estate (10 years), business marketing and real estate management.  To give you a quick insight as to who I am:

I’m a Mom and business professional living in Central Florida and loving every minute of it.
I’ve been in the Florida real estate business for almost a decade and have been licensed in Florida since 2002. Eleven years ago I started out with a property management company in Boynton Beach, Fl managing a team of CAM licensed property managers.  One year later I earned my Florida real estate license and spent some time working for some of the countries largest firms such as Coldwell Banker, Re/Max and Century 21. Aside from working as an independent real estate sales associate I have also managed real estate offices throughout South Florida.

Now that you know a little more about the face behind the text you’ve been reading feel free to leave some comments on my posts and share your thoughts with our readers.  If you’re a buyer looking for a home and would like some unbiased, not trying to sell you something kind of advice than I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a Florida vacation homeowner and you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your marketing on your vacation home than we should also talk.  You can subscribe to my blog either through RSS or e-mail.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and I hope The Pink Flamingo can help guide you in which ever direction you are looking to go.

To Your Success and Sunny Holidays in Florida!

Want To Become a Pink Flamingo Contributor?

The Pink Flamingo is currently looking for contributors in all areas of Florida as well as Colorado, Arizona, California, New York, Hawaii, Tennessee and other popular vacation home states.  If your area is a hot vacation home spot and you work mainly with vacation home buyers and sellers than we’d love to have your knowledge and expertise on our site.  Please send a link to your blog, your writing/blogging credentials and a brief explanation of your level of real estate and vacation home experience.

We are also looking for:

Home Inspectors
Mortgage Professionals (with experience working on foreign national loans)
Home Stagers
Property Managers (Short Term)

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