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This is a guest post by Lisa Sedore, owner of Please scroll down below for more information on her and her services.

What room comes to mind when you think of the heart of a home? Your kitchen, right?  Well, an Orlando vacation rental home is no exception to this rule. With just a few quick kitchen fixes you can pump some new life into a flat line rental kitchen and increase your bookings in the competitive Disney area vacation home market.

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1. Add a Splash of Color
Toss those drab tea towels and dish cloths to the curb.  Pick up some towels in some of today’s hot color schemes and use these must have items as part of your decor.  Drape a stunning red towel over the oven door or fold a vibrant yellow dish cloth next to the sink.  Bring your kitchen a little life with eye catching color.

2. Dress Up your Window
What’s your style? Whether simple and functional, county or elegant the window treatments say it all.  Try some mini blinds and valance or a cornice box hung high to enlarge the look of your window.  Highlight a modern sleek look with a Roman shade or bump it up with wood blinds for a touch of elegance.  Cute little cafe curtains add a homey county feel to a Florida home.

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3. Change Cabinet Hardware
Ready, set, go …. Armed with only a screwdriver and an hour of your time watch this magical transformation. The variety is limitless, from cute and quirky designs like animals and flowers to stainless steel, brushed nickel to bronze knobs and pulleys.  This simple switch brightens and extends the life of pricy cabinets.
4. Update Faucets
Go with the flow in faucet trends to keep your kitchen sparkle.  These hard working almost forgotten tools modernize any kitchen counter. Before you buy, check in on your sink / faucet relationship.   Too tall of a faucet equals splash works yet too short leave you wishing for a deeper well.

5. Shine Some Light
Some like it bright, some like little light.  Mix a variety of light sources to blend light levels in the kitchen.  Task lighting provides sufficient direct light to chop veggies or read recipes while ambient light creates warm glows that fill the space and warm our hearts.

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Guests will take notice of the updates and modern fixes to your kitchen rewarding you with increased inquiries and more bookings.   After all … kitchens are the heart to all our homes!

Lisa Sedore (owner) is The Villa Manager, she is dedicated to providing vacation rental property owners the best solution to their business management and booking needs.   Her blog site, is an amazing resource for Florida vacation home owners and guests to find insightful information, join the conversation, and learn about how The Villa Manager can make the most of their vacation rental experience.   Lisa’s and her husband Mark are also the owners of their own vacation rental property in Davenport Florida.  Take a peek at how they created a magical villa close to Disney at



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