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We know that Pokemon Go is a massive success and pretty much every kid (and many adults) are now addicted to playing this game. Whether you love it or hate it is irrelevant at this point. It’s too big for you to ignore any longer. From a marketing perspective it’s time to tune into this phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and learn how it can help you in your marketing efforts to get more bookings on your Orlando vacation rental (or anywhere else for that matter). Especially since the theme park areas are full of Pokestops! 

Here are some ideas on how you can leverage the Pokemon Go addiction to push guests over the edge and book with you instead of your competition: 

  • PokeStop-Map Offer a complimentary map of all the locations within a mile or two of your house that they can find Pokestops and Gyms. If your guests have kids that are Pokemon Go players (or maybe they are too) they will really appreciate this. A map will save them a lot of driving time as well as gas spent driving around trying to find places to load up on supplies and battle their Pokemon. You could even use Google maps to create this and send to the guest via email with all the bookings information. The image shown is a map of the Cincinnati Zoo. All of the blue squares are Pokestops.


  • If your community has a Pokestop or a Gym inside of it make sure you advertise that in your marketing! Parents will love the idea that their kids don’t even have to leave the community and can safely walk up to the community park or clubhouse and play their favorite game.


  • Pokemon Go CP SquirtleMake a game or contest out of it! Offer a small prize (could be anything cheap and creative) to your guests if they find specific Pokemon. You could make a scavenger hunt style game out of it or even create different hunts for different teams (there are three separate teams within the game).


  • Hold a contest on your Facebook page. This is a great way to increase both engagement and get more likes. Your goal is to get more bookings but you also want to stay in front of your past guests and show your future guests that you are all about the Orlando experience, which is FUN FUN FUN! 


If you sit down and think about it there are probably so many more ways you can leverage Pokemon Go in your marketing, these are just a few, easy to implement ideas, that you could start immediately. You will probably need to download and install the game though because without some basic knowledge of how it works, it’s going to be hard to market it. 

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