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1.     Check all screens to make sure they are on the track properly (could be missing or lose from any break ins)
2.    All windows open and close properly
3.    Front door key lock and deadbolt locks properly.
4.    Sliding glass doors open and close, and lock properly
5.    All water faucets working, and no leaks under the sinks while water is running.
6.    Kitchen sink sprayer hose working.
7.    All toilets working, no leaks under the toilets when flushed.
8.    Hot water working.
9.     A/C unit working.
10.   Washer/Dryer working.

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11.    Dishwasher has all trays
12.    Refrigerator installed and working, including inside ice maker.
13.    Microwave working and has all pieces.
14.    Stove installed and working.
15.    Garbage disposal working.
16.    Walls/ceilings all painted and in the same condition when you first saw it
17.    Floor tiles not cracked or damaged.
18.    Carpet not damaged or loose.
19.    Outside water faucet working properly.
20.    All lighting fixtures working with appropriate wall switches.

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21.    All ceiling fans working with appropriate wall switches.
22.    All window blinds installed and working (open/close without problem).
23.    All inside doors (including closets) open and close properly.
24.    All door stops are installed and working.
25.    Closets all contain shelving/storage racks as per contract.
26.    Kitchen cabinets/drawers all open/close properly, handles installed, no damage to surfaces.
27.    Kitchen counter top has no chips or other damage.
28.    Bathroom vanities all open/close properly, bathroom counter tops have no chips or other damage.
29.    Outside paint complete, no chips or other damage.
30.    Mailbox present (believe it or not these DO get stolen!)
31.    Pool Heater Still In Place (These also get stolen)

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