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Updated for 2016

When it comes time to sell your Orlando vacation rental home the last thing you want to deal with are those little hiccups that might prevent your property from selling or complicate the transaction. One of the biggest problems we often run into when selling a fully booked and turnkey vacation home is Orlando property managers who are not cooperative. Because they are the ones controlling most of the access and information about your home, they often have the power to make or break your sale. You can hire the most established, wonderful and highly recommended Realtor in the area but if your Orlando property manager isn’t on board with the sale than you can count on it sitting on the market a very long time. Over the years we have seemed to narrow down some of the reasons they might fight against this and what you can do about it in advance so you don’t run into issue:

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Orlando Property manager1. They are Worried They Will Be Losing the Home to a Different Management Company
It’s natural for an Orlando property manager to become insecure and concerned about losing your home from their portfolio and naturally so. They have bookings already in place that they will have to move around if your home is removed from their program after it closes. The best thing you can do is to ensure your property manager understands that you and your Realtor will provide an excellent recommendation to the future buyers and that your Realtor makes sure that the home is advertised as a turnkey property and all bookings stay as long as the management company stays. What sometimes happens is, in a desperate attempt to convince the current buyers to stay with them, the property managers will over promise and exaggerate the homes future bookings and past performance. This only misleads the buyer and causes problems later on during the transaction.

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2. They Are Offended You Didn’t Use Them To Sell Your Home
Most property managers also have a real estate license and are able to sell your home. If they don’t they are usually affiliated with someone who is. This doesn’t mean that it is the best choice for you to use. Because they are property managers and their main business is property management, not real estate, they usually do not have the facilities, experience or infrastructure in place to effectively market and sell your home. Any agent can slap your home on the MLS but a true vacation home Realtor will go 10 steps above that with a proven sales system that they have used time and again. An Orlando property manager should manage property and Realtors should sell property. To do both is to become half as effective and that is not fair to the customer, which is you. Sometimes, the Orlando property manager becomes non-communicative with the Realtor in hopes to prevent their efforts of selling the homes. It sounds crazy and unprofessional but we run into these road blocks all of the time! Be sure your property manager give 100% access to any and all marketing materials that your agent needs to place inside your home in order to help facilitate the sale. Sometimes they will not allow Realtors to advertise that the home is for sale both inside and outside of the home. Your home loses tons of exposure from this.

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3. They Are Afraid of Being Exposed
This is the rough part that your Realtor faces when trying to sell your property. They cannot lie or exaggerate how many bookings are in place to try and attract potential buyers however, the only way they can know how much income is being brought in from that home or its past performance is by relying on what your property manager says. Your Realtor is going to have to provide documents that prove this income is actually coming in and has in the past. Without the booking history and future booking documents for your home most buyers, who want something turnkey, will walk away as your home has no credibility at that point. By not providing those documents your property manager can kill your sale during the due diligence period. If your property manager will not provide these documents to your Realtor or you that you than it might be time to question whether they really have as many bookings in place as they are claiming to. It’s also a great marketing tool for your agent to be able to quote how much income your home produced the past two years.

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As much as it sounds like property managers are the bad guy, it’s not the case with all of them. There are hundreds of property management companies in the  Disney area and about a handful of them provide a high level of service, are professional and most important honest. Our job is to seek those companies out and align ourselves and our clients with the most honest and ethical companies. Not the companies who want to pay us to refer them homes. The Flamingo Group never accepts referral fees from any management company for sending them business as we feel it’s a conflict of interest. We’re also experienced in dealing with difficult property management companies and are prepared to do what it takes to get your home sold regardless of the road blocks that may pop up ahead.

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