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We really need to sit down and have a Snap . . . I mean talk. You see, Snapchat is taking the world by storm and it’s the number one growing app for the demographic of 30-45 years olds right now. Which means, in about 2 years it’s going to have Facebook style potential for reaching people. Your kids are probably using it but what are you doing with Snapchat? Have you dismissed it for so long like I have, telling yourself that it’s for millennials and it’s a waste of time? That’s what I did until about 4 months ago when I decided to take the plunge and try it out. Besides having way too much fun on there and burning through a lot of free time, I’ve been able to study it and find ways that it can be used for real estate marketing, including marketing your vacation rental!! 

Here are my top 3 Tips for Using Snap Chat In Your Vacation Rental Marketing Plan


Branson, MO geofilterGeofilters are those cool filters that you can overlay onto your photos when you swipe right after you take the photo. You’ll notice that where ever you go they change. There are different geofilters for different areas and you can sponsor one that you create so that it will come up for everyone in a specific area and they can add it to their photos. This is pretty powerful. It’s also really easy to do using Canva. You can get really creative with the geofilter but what I would do is brand it with your villa info and hold a contest on your Facebook page. Your guests have to take as many pictures as possible using the geofilter overlay while staying at your villa and share them to Snapchat. At the end of a set period of time you can have your Facebook audience vote on their favorite one and award them a prize. This is a great way to get new likes to your page, get your guests engaged in something FUN that they’ll most likely do and also get people talking about your geofilter. If you yourself don’t have a marketing budget to do this, you could connect with other owners in your community and see if they all want to pitch in and do a neighborhood filter. This is also something a management company could implement for their owners. Here is a really great article on everything you need to know about Snapchat geofilters. The photo to the right is an example of a geofilter that was available on my recent trip to Branson, MO. 

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Local Reviews

Melting Pot Cheese FondueSnapchat can be absolutely hilarious! It makes talking to a camera phone so much more interesting when someone is doing it while butterflies hover over their head. The ability to be able to draw images and paste stickers onto your videos really ads to the story telling process. You could make really interesting and fun Snaps of different locations and places near your vacation rental. Once you’ve completed the video, you can download them to your phone and piece them together to use in your video marketing campaign on YouTube and Facebook as well as it’s great material to send to your mailing list. The max amount of time you can make a Snap is 12 seconds so it forces you to be creative, brief and to the point. It’s also interesting to see how people piece them together. Remember to keep your final review under 60 seconds, otherwise you will lose people’s interest fast. To the left is a Snap I took while at the Melting Pot last month, you can see I added the Melting Pot’s geofilter on it. 

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Snapchat Takeovers

Snapchat TakeoverI love these so much!!! You’ve probably seen Instagram takeovers before, where someone famous logs into a brand’s Instagram account and then posts all day to it. Doing a Snapchat takeover with your guests is a REALLY fun way to both document everything they did and use it for marketing as well as encourage them to leave both hilarious and interesting video testimonials. We all know that video testimonials are basically gold when it comes to marketing. The only thing you want to be careful of when offering a takeover is that your guests don’t start documenting negative things or complaining because your entire Snapchat audience will be watching it. But if you feel confident that they will absolutely love your place, offer a Snapchat take over!! The younger kids will especially have a good time with this and if you’ve seen any type of videos with kids in them, you know that they can be hilarious. You could also consider doing a Snapchat takeover with some really popular Disney bloggers or travel bloggers who have a larger audience that you would like to get in front of. Here’s a good article about Snapchat takeovers that will tell you everything you need to know. 

Erica Muller on SnapchatWant To Follow Me On Snapchat? Just add me by username: RealEstateFL . . . I will let you know now, I love cats, selfies and my jokes are usually PG13 so please be sure to keep the volume down around the kids! 

If you liked these ideas or want to add to them, let us know below in the comments! We love to hear your feedback and look forward to reading them. We hope this inspires you to go wild with Snapchat and really start using it as a tool to leverage your vacation rental social influence with. Have any epic snaps you want to share with us? Send them in and they could end up featured on our Facebook page! 



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