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The Orlando Short Term Vacation Rental Income Myth Exposed!

So you want to purchase a holiday villa here in the states and your plan is to buy it and rent it out to short term renters while your not using it. You have it all figured out, your estate agent has got you all excited about how you’re going to receive a cash flow on the property and it will pay for itself.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but they lied to you. It’s one of the biggest myths you are going to hear when you come to Florida to buy a vacation home.

caution pushy realtors

Orlando Vacation Home Hard Sell Scam Exposed!

This concept seems to be a new trend and a rather desperate attempt at property management companies trying to put more money back in their pockets. This scam targets unsuspecting holiday makers who are staying in a short term vacation rental property. You will generally experience this after you have arrived at the home. It’s similar to the oh so famous time share prospecting methods.