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5 Star LogoThis is a guest post by Kevin Kirby, owner of 5 Star Vacation Homes, a vacation rental home management company that specializes in Windsor Hills. 

Welcome To FloridaChoosing a vacation destination can be easy. Asking yourself “Where do I want to go” is a question that comes to mind often; hopefully that question leads you to the sunny state of Florida. Central Florida boasts some of the best beaches, attractions, and weather, making it an ideal location for leisure travel. Picking your destination is simple; selecting where you want to stay requires a little more thought. Narrowing down what kind of accommodation is best for you, your family, and friends can be a fun process, especially with all the options Orlando has to offer.

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Selecting to vacation in a rental home has many benefits that will optimize your trip and make the most of your vacation. Renting your own private unit provides the space for total relaxation, as well as a budget friendly option that makes a vacation truly unforgettable. Vacation communities across the Central Florida area have great vacation resorts waiting to host your trip. The exclusive gated community of Windsor Hills is the way to vacation in Central Florida. Windsor Hills, located just minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort, is home to vacation amenities that will make your trip. Units in the Windsor Hills Resort range from two bedroom condos to six bedroom private pool villas…which unit is right for you? These tips will assist with the planning process and will help you select which type of home will be best for you!

1-2. Reserving Early and Central Florida’s Seasons- Do your travel plans revolve around the seasons? Vacationers looking for Orlando accommodations in ’peak’ seasons will have a harder time finding a unit if they are looking to book something last minute. Plan a trip in Orlando’s ‘off’ season, January- March, September-early November, for better deals, less crowds, and great weather. Dates aren’t flexible? Windsor Hills units fill up pretty fast during the aforementioned peak seasons; if you are set on a specific date, be sure to book the unit you love early enough. Arrange your peak season plans a few months out for better availability.

 Windsor Hills Guard Gate 3. Documentation- Since Windsor Hills is in a gated community, you must present a Rental Voucher and valid driver’s license to gain access to the community and your rental. Ask about what else is needed to finalize the reservation to ensure you aren’t missing important things upon entering Windsor Hills. Be sure you have your Voucher printed and ready to go before heading into the community.

 4. Who are you traveling with?- Families are the majority of travelers to Central Florida, so a lot of places in town cater to families. When picking a rental, make sure the unit has something to offer for every guest staying there. There are units in Windsor Hills that have extraordinarily themed bedrooms that are perfect for the kiddos, but not so ideal for a teenager. There are villas that also have outdoor areas perfect for getting into vacation mode, that are more ideal for adults. Before selecting a villa make sure there is a little something for everyone.

5. What kind of vacation are you looking for?- Are you looking to spend your hard earned vacation days lounging by the pool or up early to fit in as many theme parks as possible? If you’re more interested in catching some rays, renting a unit with a private pool or one within walking distance to the Windsor Hills lagoon style pool is a must. If you favor the latter, be sure to ask the friendly Windsor Hills front desk staff for details and information about the parks and transportation.

WIndsor Hills Pool Home6. Know Your Budget- Nothing is worse than falling in love with a vacation home that is way off your ballpark budget. While vacation rental homes are often very budget friendly, they only are if you stick to the budget set aside by your family. Homes are often categorized from economy to luxury properties. Find which one will suit you…and your budget.

 7. Do Your Research- Windsor Hills is located right off the main Kissimmee US 192 Highway. There is a cut through road that will take you from Windsor Hills to the Disney parks much faster than if you were to travel via main roadways.

 8. Get Acquainted with the Area- Windsor Hills has many amenities for enjoyment while on vacation. If you are looking for a rental close to Windsor Hill’s amenities, such as the playground, resort style pool, or sporting facilities, make the rental company aware of your requests. If you are sold on the big castle playground make sure you select a villa in close proximity.

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 9. Guest Reviews- In each of our vacation rentals we have an autograph book for our guests to sign and tell us about their trip. We love hearing feedback from people that stay with us; many future guests ask for reviews as well. Reading through guest reviews from people that stayed in the unit you are interested helps you not only get excited, but helps put things into a better perspective. When you flip through some reviews, you see the view from a previous renter and that helps in the decision making process.

 Toy Story Bedroom10. Prioritize- Figure out what is going to work best for your family and their vacation needs. If you know your kids would rather spend their days in the Windsor Hills community center and resort pool, pick a unit that has a smaller, private splash pool. If you don’t want to cook in your unit every day, choose a rental that focuses more on living space. A great benefit of vacation rentals is the customization. If you know what amenities and features you want, it will be easier to choose a rental, saving you time and valuable money.

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11. Space, Space, Space- One of the best benefits of staying in your own private vacation rental is all the space you get. Unlike hotel rooms, Windsor Hills units are all very open, spacious, and able to accommodate parties of all sizes. When determining which vacation rental is best for you, try to figure out how much space you really need. Though the six bedroom villa sounds the best, it might be too large for a family of three. Consider what you’ll use the space for; if its just for a place to sleep, invest more vacation funds into a unit that has awesome bedrooms.

 12. Create Your Own Occasion- Creating lasting memories in your rental is what vacation is all about! Celebrating birthdays, a girls’ weekend, holidays, and just being on vacation is easy in Windsor Hills vacation homes. Since it is your unit for your vacation, you can easily throw a small get together to celebrate any occasion. It’s also easier if you get a little help! Contact a Five Star Team Member to help arrange a celebration party, private chef demonstrations, mixologists, photographers, and more to make your vacation an experience.

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13. Prepare Your Chef Skills- From condos to villas, each Windsor Hills unit has a full kitchen unlike most hotels. Cooking your Kevin Kirby-1137favorite meals in your own private kitchen is an added benefit of renting a vacation home. A sundries shop is on property, as well as local grocery stores are just a couple minutes away from Windsor Hills. When you are fully in vacation mode and don’t want to grocery shop, let us know! Five Star has a variety of Welcome Packages where we get the essentials for you!

14. It Gets Cold in Florida- If this is your first time traveling to the Sunshine State, you might be unfamiliar with the weather conditions. If you are traveling during the ‘winter’ months, our temperatures do drop and it gets pretty chilly here! Make sure to ask your rental company about pool heating; it is often not automatically included in your reservation. If you’ll be vacationing in the summertime with frequent rainfall make sure your unit has…

 15. Rainy Day Activities- If you have little ones who would be very upset without a pool day, water park visit, or Disney trip due to inclement weather, then inquire if your rental has activities for the kids to entertain themselves. Most four, five, and six bedrooms have private games rooms that will entertain even the most bored for hours! Some villas even have private movie rooms; just be certain you pack your favorite DVDs! Don’t forget to stop by the Community Center in Windsor Hills for indoor games, activities, and the movie viewing area.

16. We’re Here to Help- For any questions, comments, or concerns, the Five Star team and the Windsor Hills staff want to help their potential guests make an informed decision. Its important to contact potential rental managers to get a better idea of what you are looking for. Five Star staff is happy to recommend what we think is best for your party. Our team wants to make your vacation the best, so don’t hesitate to ask questions! Here’s to a vacation filled year and to making memories!

17. Bonus!- Be sure to purchase theme park tickets prior to the gate and in advance. As your arrival gets closer, ticket prices increase. If you have your tickets prior to your arrival, you’ll save precious vacation time and money.

This is a guest post by Kevin Kirby, owner of 5 Star Vacation Homes, a vacation rental home management company that specializes in Windsor Hills. 



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